BELMONT CAPSULE helps prevent the malignant transformation of precancerous lesions like oral leukoplakia and erythroplakia and also, improves the treatment outcomes in precancerous conditions like

This cell detoxification removes oxidative stress in the cells and enhances the overall tissue healing capacity, which results in faster healing of various oral lesions and conditions. It also improves the clinical outcomes of various non-surgical and surgical treatments.

The BELMONT is a recommended supplementation for improved clinical results in a variety of oral, periodontal and implant surgical procedures.

Packed with antioxidants, carotenoids and minerals, BELMONT prevents cell damage by fighting the oxidative stress inside the cells and restores the tissue healing capacity. With its powerful ‘cell detoxification action’

BELMONT is beneficial in improving the clinical outcomes in non-cancer, pre-cancer and cancer treatments. BELMONT capsule aims to improve the clinical results in periodontology and the rapidly growing dental implantology segment.

BELMONT soft gelatin

Each Soft gelatin Capsule Contains: Lycopene 10% USP 5000mcg Grapes seed Extract 18.65mg Alpha lipoic Acid 100 MG Ginseng 42.57 mg Vitamin B1 IP 10mg Vitamin B2 IP 10mg Niacinamide IP 12.5mg Vitamin B5 IP 2.75mg Vitamin B6 IP 3mg Folic acid IP 1750mcg Vitamin B12 IP 1mcg Vitamin A IP 2500IU Vitamin C IP 25mg Vitamin D3 IP 25IU Vitamin E Acetate 50% IP 25IU Approved colour used in Softgel capsule shell 10*1*10