What we do

We are the leading Pharma products Distributing company that is engaged in offering extensive rates of products at cost-effective rates. Our team of professionals put continuous efforts to provide our clients with the products they are looking for. Being one of the fastest-growing names among the top pharma companies, we provide instant solutions by offering high-quality pharma products so that we can maintain our brand status. Our commitment to providing an excellent range of healthcare products in a varied range has let you earn a strong position in the field.

Being a part of Reddysun group, Bharvika Biosciences has a pedigree wherein the exports of products to neighboring cities started right from the first batches of our products. In fact increasing demand from our medical partners in and around the India was the reason for inception of Bharvika Biosciences within one and half years.

Bhavika Biosciences provides high-quality based pharmaceutical products for Pharma sectors. In other words, it is an activity that continues under any economic situation. Being a Pharma product distributor it is our aim to deliver our medical customers or clients the best and superior quality products backed with multiple promotional activities, helping them to establish in the market for mutual interest.

We are a part of ReddySun Biotech.