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SHYGUM GUM PAINT Ia a combination of four drugs that are Tannic Acid (astringent), Zinc Chloride (haemostatic agent and astringent), Cetrimide (antiseptic), and Lignocaine.

Tannic acid is an astringent and proteins that help to contract skin cells, thereby healing and relieving irritation due to mouth ulcers. Zinc chloride is a haemostatic agent with astringent properties that prevents bleeding and toughens the skin. Cetrimide belongs to the antibacterial that works by preventing microbe’s growth (bacteria) that could infect broken skin in the mouth.

TANNIC ACID+ZINC CHLORIDE+CETRIMIDE belongs to a class of drugs called ‘ANTISEPTIC’ primarily used to treat Gum Problems like swollen, bleeding, spongy or lose gums. TANNIC ACID+ZINC CHLORIDE+CETRIMIDE is used to treat mouth ulcers, pyorrhoea (a severe gum infection that destroys jawbone and loosens teeth), gingivitis (gum inflammation) or vincent’s disease (dirty grey ulceration of the mucus membranes).


If you are allergic to TANNIC ACID+ZINC CHLORIDE+CETRIMIDE or any other medicines, please tell your doctor. If you have asthma, blood clotting disorders or digestive system problems (ulcers), inform your doctor before taking TANNIC ACID+ZINC CHLORIDE+CETRIMIDE. TANNIC ACID+ZINC CHLORIDE+CETRIMIDE is for external (dental) use only. Avoid contact of TANNIC ACID+ZINC CHLORIDE+CETRIMIDE with nose, ears, mouth or eyes. In case TANNIC ACID+ZINC CHLORIDE+CETRIMIDE comes in contact with these areas accidentally, rinse with water thoroughly. If you are pregnant or a nursing mother, please inform your doctor before taking TANNIC ACID+ZINC CHLORIDE+CETRIMIDE. Avoid using TANNIC ACID+ZINC CHLORIDE+CETRIMIDE in large amounts or use for a long time than prescribed as it does not give quick or better results but increase the risk of side effects.

Directions for Use

Use SHYGUM GUM PAINT (TANNIC ACID+ZINC CHLORIDE+CETRIMIDE) as prescribed by your doctor. Massage a sufficient amount of SHYGUM GUM PAINT over the affected area of gums. Your doctor will advise you how often you should take SHYGUM GUM PAINT based on your medical condition. In some cases, you may experience irritation at the site of application. Most of these side effects of SHYGUM GUM PAINT do not require medical attention and gradually resolve over time. However, if the side effects persist or worsen, please consult your doctor.

SHYGUM GUM PAINT is for external (dental) use only